Dr Shomit Mitter

Shomit comes from an intellectual perspective, with a M.Phil from Oxford University and a Ph.D from Cambridge University. He trained as a hypnotherapist under Dr. Keith Hearne and Dr. Roger Woolger, and has spent 30 years studying ancient Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Shamanic systems of healing.

Much of his work over the years has involved an amalgamation of these systems with cutting edge modern western hypnotherapy. The results are both powerful and easy to use. If you get the chance to enroll in some of his mind-blowing workshops, take it. The meditations are some of the most powerful we’ve ever experienced and the stories of his mother’s friendship with Mother Teresa remind you that you’re in the presence of a unique individual who’s giving you a unique insight into the world. If you ever need reminding that the world is a stage and we are merely actors taking up our roles, then best let Shomit lead you through it, with intelligence, awe and finesse