“If this is the future of work, I thought, sign me up” The Life Adventure in the FT

“The excellent service and the quality of speakers from The Life Adventure was amazing. They quickly understood our brief and it could not have been realised in a better more enlightening way, and with great speed too. Their messages are motivating, insightful and enjoyable and left staff feeling refreshed and equipped with new ways to approach work and their own wellbeing. The project left a tangible impact on wellbeing and resilience for a better way forward.”  Jane Heward – Head of Wellbeing, BEIS

Last summer, I escaped for a day to the Surrey Hills to one run by The Life Adventure. Its most popular workshops among employers were Breathwork, Forest Bathing, Journaling and Storytelling and Manifestation. My brain unfurled. If this is the future of work, I thought, sign me up.”  Emma Jacobs, Financial Times

Live Virtual and In Person Talks and Workshops for Business

Now, more than ever, businesses need easy-to-access tools to help develop staff from diverse locations.  Every talk and workshop topic you see on this website is available either as a live webinar format delivered on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, or in-person either in your office or as part of an off-site away day. You choose what you’d like us to deliver and we’ll arrange the best time for you and schedule the session.



On-Demand Talks and Workshops for Business

Our on-demand content covers topics such as Mindfulness In The Workplace, Leadership: What It Really Takes and Hyperthinking: New Mindset. We’ll set you up an account with your choice of content and you’re off and running, it’s as easy as that. We’ll give discounts dependant on duration and volume.



Business Aways Days and Retreats

We have some incredible options here, both home and abroad. We can arrange transfers, flights and accommodation through our sister company which is fully ATOL and ABTA bonded. Each one is seriously transformational on so many levels, and that, we can vouch for personally.



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Forward-thinking organisations look beyond preventing harm to their employees and seek to promote good health and wellbeing at work. The workplace is more than a health promotion venue for a captive audience; it is a community in which behaviours can be influenced to the benefit of individuals, companies and society as a whole. Addressing health and wellbeing as business issues ensures that they are sustainable even during difficult economic times – Ian Livingston, former CEO BT

Although it’s widely accepted that some level of sickness absence is inevitable, poor health and presenteeism (being at work whilst unwell and not ‘present’) costs UK businesses billions each year.  The leading cause of sickness absence for non-manual employees is minor illnesses such as feeling stressed, colds, flu and other viral illnesses – government statistics show that 27.4 million workdays were lost to minor illness in 2013. Around 30% of all absences are related to these minor illnesses. What’s also known is that individuals with a good diet, a healthy body weight and good emotional health have stronger immune systems, and are therefore better at fighting off minor illnesses and viruses. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reports that companies that support workplace health see a clear return on investment in reduced absence levels.

Why should your organisation care? 

Research from the mental health charity MIND found that 56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing, but feel they don’t have the right training or guidance. Investing in mental wellbeing can have a huge positive impact on staff happiness, engagement and productivity. Research from the Business in the Community Workwell programme shows that FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by an average of 10%. As explained in the MIND report, “Good mental health underpins this. By fostering a mentally healthy workplace culture and putting in place the right support, businesses, small and large, find that they are able to achieve peak performance.”

“78% of employees state that they would stay long term with a company that cared for employees health and wellbeing needs (HR Review, 2015)

Effective workplace health programmes encompass all aspects of employee health and there is substantial evidence that mental and physical wellbeing are interlinked. Whilst The Life Adventure focusses on online learning so that people can choose to learn and grow at a time that suits them, physical activity is consistently linked with lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress. So encouraging employees to participate in sports or other physical pursuits can also have a positive impact on mental wellbeing within your organisation. For example yoga, pilates, classes, organised runs, wild medicine walks, to name just a few are also available to you alongside our online platform. We believe that offering a blended approach to learning, health and growth makes for a better outcome.

“A properly implemented, tailored workplace health strategy can reduce rates of presenteeism” (being at work when you’re unwell). BMC Public Health

At The Life Adventure we don’t just expect you to roll out a programme of engaging wellbeing solutions and hope for the best. We’ll help you to create one that’s tailored to the specific health and wellbeing problems faced within your organisation.  To find out what these are, we’ll work with you to carry out careful research, through surveys and interviews (and any data you already have), which is then analysed.  What you’ll end up with is a very bespoke offering, one which will give you the very best results.

Having said that, if you just want to book a one-off, one or two hour talk or workshop, that’s fine too. Or you may want us to simply run a quick 45 min lunchtime power session. Whatever you need, we’ll be happy to assist.  Some of our clients like us to film the talks we give too. We then host these for specific periods of time so that you can share these with a wider audience within your organisation. Ask us for details about this.

What clients say about us

The Life Adventure always bring a fresh approach to wellbeing. Wellbeing covers an array of subjects and they understand that and the need to break down and customise an approach suitable for a particular audience. Justine has an extremely positive outlook and energy which makes her a perfect ambassador for the work she does. They are very approachable, genuinely care and really want to help support our people’s wellbeing. Jane H, Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Head of Wellbeing (HR)

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