Our Story


So what’s the big idea?

I was born curious. And adventurous. Spending most of my childhood either on a bike, in the sea or up a tree. And then one day, long ago, before mental health started to become an acceptable talking point, I began exploring all the fascinating ways there were out there to feel better – both physically and mentally.

During this process of discovery and hard-won breakthrough, I began to realise how incredibly difficult it was to gain authentic, practical knowledge on both mainstream, as well as alternative, health and wellbeing subjects. At best, the information was fragmented and at worst it was either boring (“remember to eat your 5 a day”) or misleading (“you will be happier forever if you do this one thing”).

In the midst of all this personal exploration, I became CEO of a wonderful business called Unmissable. Together as a team, we survived the lows of the dot-com boom-and-bust era and enjoyed the highs of being a company that, well, just worked really well. What I realise, looking back, is that it was because we adopted a people-first approach. Without our people, we knew we’d be and have nothing. Their emotional wellbeing was of paramount importance, and so, we focussed on them above all else, and then on our customers. It was a successful strategy that lasted almost 18 years.

Then, one day we were acquired. It seemed an exciting opportunity, yet very quickly we found ourselves in a very different, almost toxic, environment. Our wellbeing was of very low priority to our new owners. Our feelings not considered; our successes and creativity went unnoticed and celebrated. We stopped learning and developing, we lost our confidence and eventually, one by one we left.  We’d lost our will to survive in an environment which sought to diminish our very existence.

Still deep in my own personal research on developing optimal wellbeing (and now needing it more than ever myself), The Life Adventure was born. We’ve enlisted visionary doctors, teachers, coaches, nutritionists, therapists, authors and health experts. Alongside their time at The Life Adventure, they do incredible work to improve the wellbeing of ordinary folk, as well as helping celebrities and even prime ministers get back to wellness when all else has failed. Together we have created inspiring, fascinating and practical talks and workshops, along with transformational experiences which take you out of the office and into the natural environment.

The Life Adventure is the resource I wish I’d had when I was struggling to survive in a business that didn’t put people first. It is first and foremost a place for those who recognise that we cannot survive in this modern working environment without a little help. And sometimes, a great deal of help. We provide this help by nudging people towards creating new, healthier habits both inside, as well as outside, the workplace. And with evidence on the importance of this at an all-time high, the wellbeing of staff is no longer seen as taboo, or a nice-to-have. It’s valued as a vital and integral part of the success of any flourishing 21st century organisation.

Changing lives sounds like a serious challenge, but making this concept fun, engaging and interactive for our clients, as well those involved in making it happen, is hugely important to me. I hope you like what you see and that you’ll join us on this journey into helping people to heal, be inspired and find a new way to work, live and thrive.


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Our Principles

The Life Adventure has grown from an idea in my heart and grown into the business you see here now. And along this journey we’ve attracted some wonderfully talented and experienced people to help craft our vision and offering. Click the button below to find some of those people to which we’re hugely grateful to:


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