Organisational Wellbeing – Why This, Why Now?

Why this, why now?

We’ve been working on the idea of an interactive knowledge channel for just over a year now. One that combines community, collaboration and a way to deliver fascinating health and wellbeing video content. Balancing our work and home lives is proving increasingly difficult, with 54% of the UK saying that stress and anxiety levels are increasing. And in the workplace, by 2025 more than 75% of the workforce will be made up of millenials. 54% of millenials are stressed, more than in any previous generation. Doctors don’t have the time to truly understand what the root cause of many health issues are, so stress builds up, depression and addictions can occur and people feel frustrated, lost and left alone to deal with their problems. The Life Adventure is a place where staff can learn more about themselves and how they can function better as individuals, as well as part of a collaborative team within the organisation. We’re devoted to giving people back control of their minds and bodies and offer fascinating insights into new ways of thinking and being.

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The Life Adventure sits comfortably in both a B2C and B2B environment. Ultimately it’s just a platform for people; one full of powerful on-demand and live stream video content filled with practical takeaways from world-renowned experts and leaders to fresh rising talent. Topics are highly original for an online platform and many have never been shared this way before. You’ll find manageable, bite-sized video workshops and talks which are easy and quick to watch. Mindfulness in the Workplace, Resilience, Leadership, HyperThinking, The Physiology of Stress and The Game of Power are amongst those that have been carefully chosen and created for our corporate programmes.  These sit alongside content that we’ll create and film specifically for you, based around your requirements which we will work with you to define. We’ll also draw out stories from within the business to create powerful films that capture people’s imagination, for example take a look at this video which looks at how and why an organisation should and can become more ethical and compassionate.

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When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your employees, we’re revolutionising learning and knowledge sharing by creating private communities for organisations where staff of all levels can come to watch, learn, change and grow. There are some truly unique aspects to the approach we take. These are defined on the knowledge that staff need to think more creatively, communicate more effectively, manage their stress and develop a far deeper emotional intelligence than ever before.

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