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What we offer

  • Wellbeing surveyWe ideally suggest that before we begin offering and creating content and programmes for you, you start by testing the wellness temperature of your organisation. Why? Because in order for a wellbeing programme to be effective (by that we mean boost your productivity and profitability) it’s good to assess where you are now, so we can help take you to where you want to be. If stakeholders require it, initiatives can then be introduced in a structured, measurable way, ensuring that all-important buy-in from senior stakeholders happens within the organisation. It is by no means mandatory but it does help you build a case around the requirement to deliver wellbeing in your organisation.
  • Dynamic content  The Life Adventure offers a variety of solutions for wellbeing programmes. In terms of our online offering, this consists of highly engaging, bite-sized HD & SD videos (around 6 min durations), longer chapters (15-45 mins) as well as written content on mental, physical & psychological wellbeing topics, including leadership and resilience, which people can watch either at their desks in breaks, or at home during their leisure time.
  • Bespoke content – We can also work with you to create a programme of bespoke online video content and/or live talks, workshops and leadership retreats that fit your needs, as well as the that which we have already created.
  • Easy-to-integrate – If you’d like to use our entire platform internally, then The Life Adventure also comes as a fully customisable, white-label, web-based multi-platform which will integrate seamlessly into your existing tools. It offers a unique customised proposition that combines learning, communication and knowledge sharing on health & wellbeing in one platform, across all devices.
  • Experts Our presenters are well-known leaders in their field as well as fresh rising talent. Our focus is on creating high quality workshops, talks and short courses that are thoughtfully delivered in a way that the viewer can understand and take away practical steps for themselves.
  • Engaging stories To further enhance engagement and motivation, we also run a bespoke service which captures success stories on health and wellbeing from within the business. We record these and create powerful 3 minute videos for you to use to engage staff. These can be hugely powerful and seek to further personalise your wellbeing programme.
  • Retreats & Meaningful Travel Experiences – We like the phrase ‘explore yourself, explore your work, explore the world’. We define and create meaningful experiences and journeys for big business problems. From lack of resilience, to improving innovation, to improving performance, we guarantee participants will return with an entirely new and fresh perspective on themselves and the business.
  • Convenience Our online content means people can watch, engage, share and learn at a time that works for them, across multiple devices.
  • Livestream lunchtime sessions We can organise 10 min taster sessions that staff can ‘like’ before you invest in producing new content. These can also be run with leaders from within the business, sharing their knowledge with the entire business.
  • Blended learning approach – We offer a great mix of on-demand online video, face-to-face talks and workshops, leadership retreats, as well as live online 1-1 and 1-small group sessions to further imbed particular subject matter. If you prefer to take this offline, we can organise that too.
  • Lunchtime Power Sessions – We’ll bring fascinating topics alive for 1 hour so that your staff return to their desks feeling motivated and ready to take on the world. Topics are wide-ranching and entirely bespoke to the problems you are facing. For a list of ideas, click here.
  • Physical exercise sessions – We can also offer these alongside the online content – such as yoga, tai chi, desk workouts and breath work. This will further embed the health and wellness culture into your organisation.
  • ReportingWe’ll work with you to get you the reporting you need.
  • Encourage self-directed learningWe teach people how to think and feel better for themselves.
  • ‘Ownership’ opportunity The Life Adventure gives your organisation the opportunity to ‘own’ health & wellbeing in the working lives of your staff and beyond. The online platform and content offers an engaging way for people to watch, learn, share and grow.

Take a look at our current workshops here. Although remember, much of what we produce is created specifically for you, with your organisation’s needs in mind.

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