Sarah McAllister


Sarah McAllister

Sarah McAllister is a soul adventurer, healer and wellbeing specialist whose primary tools of transformation in her life, and the lives of her clients, are classical Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes. Her background in Shiatsu, Tantra, Wilderness Philosophy and Environmental Psychology inform her work deeply.

With a mainstay of residential clients who seek her advice on Feng Shui new builds, chinese horoscopes and life strategy, she works increasingly with our businesses clients to facilitate team development, leadership confidence and advising on Feng Shui of commercial spaces and business strategy timing.

She has worked with the likes of RedBull, Westminster City Council and Prince Charles' Foundation for Building Community with the redevelopment of London Chinatown and worked on the New China Centre for St Hugh's College Oxford University and has been featured in The Saturday Times, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Metro, Red Magazine, HouseBeautiful, SuperYacht Design. She has regularly contributed to radio on Talk Radio Europe, TalkSport, BBC London and CityFM

Since 2003 Sarah has travelled the world with her big red Feng Shui compass after responding to invites to lecture and teach in Holland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and Japan. She has also consulted on Feng Shui projects in Dubai, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Iran, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, Scotland, Wales, England, USA and Italy.

Her superpower is Yin Earth (insight, compassion, creativity) and her role models are WonderWoman, Lara Croft and Trinity... ;)

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