Nick Seneca Jankel


Nick Seneca Jankel

“Nick combines deep systemic thinking, an expert knowledge of human behaviour and strong creative flair. And he is lots of fun to work with!” World Wildlife Fund

“The team are overflowing with inspiration and practical commitments towards making innovation their new way of life.” Oxfam

“A glam spiritual activist.” The Sunday Times

“Inspiring and enlightening.” Microsoft

Nick Seneca Jankel’s unique 'Breakthrough Biodynamics' approach to leading organisational change and individual transformation has been sought out by future-forward people around the world for over a decade. Working to help spark and sustain breakthroughs using science-inspired, wisdom-wired tools and techniques, Nick has helped over 50,000 managers, hundreds of world-class companies, national governments and millions of TV viewers to switch themselves on, break out of the box and break through challenges to flourish. He is a celebrated international inspirational speaker; has been a UK ambassador for Entrepreneurship; and received a triple First class degree from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy. He has taught at many of the most respected universities and top business schools in the world.

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