Katie Brindle


Katie Brindle

Katie has been on a long journey, from patient to acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner, best-selling author and founder of the Hayo’u Method. After a car accident ended her dreams of becoming an opera singer, she was eventually healed by Chinese medicine. Indeed, she was so inspired that Katie decided to train as a practitioner. Her mission in life became to help others using the remarkable healing system of yang sheng, the self-care part of Chinese medicine. Whilst Western medicine has transformed health care as we know it, there’s a gap that it doesn’t address and that’s the ‘almost-well’, the ‘not feeling so good’, the tired out and over-stressed. This is a gap she has seen Chinese medicine – specifically yang sheng – fill beautifully.

She founded the award-winning Hayo’u Method and published her best-selling book: both of which distil ancient Chinese medicine techniques into simple daily rituals.

Katie has been working in Chinese medicine since 2002. Alongside practising massage and reflexology, she studied TCM and qualified as a Five Elements Chinese medical practitioner, graduating from the UK’s Integrated College of Chinese Medicine.

She’s now committed to increasing awareness of this ancient wisdom and encouraging people to master their own health. Her aim is to make Chinese medicine achievable and accessible. And as habitual as brushing your teeth.