Carole Pemberton


Carole Pemberton

Carole Pemberton believes everyone deserves to have a working life that is satisfying, allows for success and does not drain them of their physical, emotional and mental energies. These are not ‘soft’ aspirational words they are conditions which are key to both the engagement of staff, and their ability to perform in high demand environments.

has spent her working life, researching, writing, consulting and working with individuals and organisations on the challenges of living out careers in organisations. That involvement with individuals at every age and career stage from graduate entrant to CEO has given her recognised expertise in career management, executive coaching and resilience.

interest in resilience grew from working with leaders who had lost access to their own resilience because of the relentlessness of demands, or because of career setback.

Alongside her work as a coach, she is also Visiting Professor in Business Coaching at the University of Ulster. This means that she brings a strong evidence base to her work, and her skill is in translating what academic research discovers into its practical meaning in the workplace. She is the author of a number of books including Coaching to Solutions: A Guide to Performance Coaching for line managers and most recently Resilience.