Anni Hood


Anni Hood

Anni Hood is the founder and Chief Executive of the Well Tech Intelligence Holdings portfolio. The portfolio includes three brands and platforms that have developed organically over the last ten years and now operate together as an agile powerhouse of business intelligence, analysis, visionary solution and individual programming. All brands fundamentally anchor to the optimisation of human wellbeing in every guise. The collective brands are evolving in response to a more acute need for knowledge and infrastructure that will inspire a more embedded culture of illness prevention and pro-active health.

Well Intelligence: a research, insights, strategy and education hub delivering market evidence, analysis and solution models that makes the case for wellbeing investment in business, society and for individuals.

Well Business Solutions: an international advisory firm working with public and private sector organisations who seek advice and global expertise in the rapidly evolving and increasingly fused sectors of wellness and leisure hospitality, integrative (medical and wellness) health, work- place, lifestyle, community wellbeing and wellness tourism.

K.I.S Lifestyle: designed initially as an online wellness community, now providing white label solutions to companies needing rapidly available options for employees and clients alike. KIS provides a whole person system, designed to educate, guide and inspire towards ‘feeling better’ and the pursuit of optimised health.

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