Danny Shmulevitch

Danny’s search for stillness began as a young child growing up in the Sinai desert. He lived with the semi-nomadic Sawad tribe near his family home in Galilee; his formative years spent sleeping fireside under the stars - free from the physical and human confines most of us accept as our reality.

For over two decades, Danny worked with the Bedouin tribes to lead retreats and longer journeys in the Sinai desert. They were attended by ecological and spiritual leaders and other people who came to witness how we expand when we connect deeply with ourselves in nature.

He set up the The Makhad Trust in 2002 to support the preservation of the natural heritage of the Bedouin and other nomadic communities of the world. He also led the restoration of oasis gardens throughout the Sinai region and built community wells, as well as a school. In the remote Amdo region of Tibet, he worked with indigenous communities to restore the murals in the Lukhang garden, built by Dalai Lama VI in the 17th century, and the Mani Walls near the Terton Chogar Monastery.