Rohan Narse

Formally an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and later CEO & Founder of an investment advisory company, Rohan experienced a physical, emotional and mental burnout. His journey to getting his life back took him across many eastern and western paths of self-inquiry and has been captured in the book 'In Search of Silence'. What he shares with us on LearnShedLive is based on his experience, and what makes this unique, is that it’s fully integrative and free of any conceptual clutter.

Rohan now hosts programmes on mindfulness in the both the UK and around the world. He works with leadership teams and individuals within city firms and global organisations, to explore how being mindful impacts not just their professional expression but also their personal lives, enabling them to reduce stress and achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing. Clients include KPMG, Old Mutual Wealth, Academy for Chief Executives and Unilever PLC. Rohan offers a programme ‘ The Inner Rhythm’ and also a conversation series ‘LSD (Love.Sex.Death)’ as experiential journeys to growing in awareness. Some of this content will be filmed exclusively for LearnShedLive over the coming months.