Austin Wyse

Austin Wyse is a self development author and EFT radio host who specialises in the power of the subconscious. A former electronic engineer for EMI and successful businessman in his younger days, Austin later studied hypnotherapy, tapping and other forms of energy medicine ... as a result he is able to brilliantly combine reason, logic and scientific thinking with emotional intelligence and an open mind. Of particular interest is his deep and rich understandings of how the emotions we subconsciously absorb and learn in infancy and childhood influence the health of our relationships, our careers, and even our minds/bodies as adults. Now through his books (Without the Woo Woo and I Am Healing) his radio programmes (on EFT Radio Online) and teaching events, he empowers people with information and techniques to help them release their redundant subconscious programming so that they can begin to find out who they really are.