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We want you to feel better. About yourself.  About your life.  And about the work you do. When we first had the idea of creating a hub of wellbeing, featuring learning from all the incredible people we’d come across over the years, we didn’t quite have the language to explain it. Now it’s easier, because almost everyone is beginning to understand that emotional wellbeing and intelligence is crucial to living a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. The tools we offer are virtual (online) as well as in-person. They consist of talks, workshops and experiences for both individuals as well as businesses. So have a look around, download our free guides, read the Life Blog, watch some videos to get a feel for what we offer, or read our story here.

How you feel matters

There’s lots of information out there on how to get physically fit. What we want to help you with is to be emotionally fit, too, because from this stems an optimal life of wellness. When you feel good, you are fit for life and fit for the modern workplace. Optimised. You may not realise it, but by feeling better emotionally, you’ll also feel better physically, too. It changes everything. We believe how you feel makes the difference between truly living and just existing. It’s  never too late to change. We’ll nudge your way of thinking. We’ll help you understand yourself better. Our talks and experiences will help you change your habits. We’ll help you discover who you really are and uncover the potential you have to live a truly incredible life. It’s yours for the taking.


Are your staff struggling with burnout, constant change and an unpredictable world? Lifestyle-related physical illnesses and poor mental health are of course, on the rise. We’d like to help. From ancient wisdom to the latest modern thinking, our techniques are taught by true masters in their field. Every one of our experts is utterly passionate about helping organisations overcome adversity by teaching how to build greater resilience to 21st Century living. Choose topics such as diversity training, managing change, developing resilience, sleeping better, financial fitness, stress-busting tools and breakthrough techniques. We focus on life techniques no one ever taught us at school.  We’ll help your staff learn how to regain their balance and operate back at their optimum wellbeing.

Open Leadership Retreat: Surrey Tuesday 13th September 2022

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Hilary Gallo is a specialist in change. He coaches executives through key transitions and leaders to decide questions of strategy. His background as an exec at Accenture and Capgemini gave him the l...more
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